Carly Pearce and husband Michael Ray are set to divorce after just eight months of marriage. The “I Hope You're Happy Now” singer filed for divorce on Friday (June 19). They’d been together as a couple for over two years.

People confirmed the news of the divorce quoting a source close to Pearce who said it was a difficult decision for the 30-year-old. “This hasn’t been a quarantine realization,” the source tells the magazine. “It was a last resort.”

Pearce and Ray first confirmed their relationship in June of 2018 and got engaged that December, eventually marrying on Oct. 6, 2019, in Nashville. It was a hot and heavy romance, and the two singers were up front about their love and passion for one another, with Pearce admitting to sliding into his direct messages on social media to kick off the relationship and being the first to say “I love you.” Talking to Taste of Country Nights in February, she gushed on her husband, especially talking about how he doted on her with gifts.

During the novel coronavirus quarantine, Pearce and Ray had been splitting time between her family and his, with each spending time alone, too. Ray was often in Nashville working on a new album, and Pearce told People she also spent time with family Alabama during quarantine. Her mother is particularly at risk during the pandemic due to some previous health conditions.

While once the couple shared many moments from their personal life on social media, Pearce hadn't shared a photo of Ray since his birthday in April; similarly, Ray hadn't shared a picture of Pearce on Instagram since her birthday a few days earlier. Fans began to ask questions recently when Ray wasn't present for her No. 1 celebration for "I Hope You're Happy Now." Many of the photos taken during the last several weeks obscure the hand where her wedding band would be.

Talking to Taste of Country in May, Ray didn't talk much about Pearce but assured readers she was doing well, showing no signs of trouble.

This news breaks on what looks to be a very sad day for the "One That Got Away" hitmaker. A photo shared on Monday afternoon shows his heart is breaking for a different reason:

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