While Carly Pearce may not have written her single "Hide the Wine," the song is remarkably representative of a certain side of her personality. Not only does the bluegrass-flavored twang speak to her roots as a performer at Dollywood, but the fun, uptempo ode to flirtation and having a bit too much to drink reflects a different side of Pearce than fans got to see on her breakout single, the heartbreak ballad "Every Little Thing."

At a media event, Pearce sat down with The Boot and other media outlets to discuss how the song came to be recorded, and why she didn't originally think she was going to have a chance to cut it. Read on to learn more.

I wanted to do something that was completely different than "Every Little Thing." I felt that on that song, people got to see so much of that part of myself and that story. It was definitely a large moment in time for me, but I'm not depressed all the time! I'm actually pretty happy a lot of the time, and I do love wine a lot.

This is a song that, shockingly, I did not write. I remember when my publisher played it for me a few years ago, back before I had a record deal, and I just said, "Oh my God, I have to have this song!" He told me, "I'm sorry, it's on hold for someone else, but I just wanted you to hear it." I was like, "Why would you do that to me?!"

It was just an act of God, I guess. The song was supposed to be on another artist's album, but the same week I got my record deal, that album came out, and it wasn't on there; it didn't make the cut, or something like that. So I immediately was like, "Gimme that!"

It's been a fan favorite since the beginning. I think it takes on a different side of my personality. Also, I think every girl who's around my age or at least who's old enough to drink knows what it's like to drink a little bit too much and call somebody you shouldn't.

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