Carly Pearce pours her heart and soul out in her debut single, "Every Little Thing," and her honesty has paid off. The song, written with songwriter Emily Shackelton and producer busbee, was born out of the end of a relationship -- but for Pearce, it also signifies a new beginning, at least when it comes to music.

"It feels crazy," Pearce admits to The Boot. "I wrote this about a guy that really broke my heart, and never really thought it would take on this kind of life. It reminded me so much that country music is about the song and about the lyric."

Although the relationship that inspired "Every Little Thing" took a while to end, when it came to putting her thoughts to paper, it didn't take Pearce long to articulate what she wanted to say.

"I wrote that song in 45 minutes. I cried after the write and felt like it finally shut the door on that situation," shares Pearce. "Just from a standpoint of production, it is genuinely who I am. It’s got some of the bluegrass element vocally."

"Every Little Thing" is part of a still-untitled album that Pearce promises will be released later this year, on Big Machine Records. She signed with the label in January.

"I’m just really excited for people to hear more of me, and not just the heartbreak song," explains Pearce. "There’s a lot more color to me and my music, and I think you’re going to really hear that I really want to be the next Faith Hill or Trisha Yearwood -- the modern country girl."

"Every Little Thing" is available for download on iTunes.

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