There's one name that you'll see come up multiple times on Canaan Smith's playlist, and for good reason: It's none other than the King of Country himself, George Strait. With selections like "Easy Come, Easy Go" and "Heartland" on his playlist, it's easy to see that Strait has long been a major influence in Smith's own life and career.

"I used to wanna be George, buckle and all," Smith explains to The Boot of his love for Strait's 'Heartland.' "When the 'pure country' movie came out, I was obsessed. This song in particular has some sauce on it. I think it represents the heartland well."

Songs that stand the test of time are a theme on Smith's playlist, which also includes classics by artists like Alan Jackson, David Lee Murphy, Tim McGraw and Brooks & Dunn. Newer artists like Florida Georgia Line and Dierks Bentley earn mentions on the list, too -- most often with tracks that hearken back to country's golden days and prove their staying power.

"Brett Beavers produced [Bentley's 'What Was I Thinkin'], and I've always been such a big fan of him," Smith points out. "I love how different this song was when it came out... that four-on-the-floor feel was fresh. Songs like this age very well."

Smith kicks his playlist off with his own "Beer Drinkin' Weather," a fun-loving and uptempo track that he released in August 2019. To listen to Smith's own new tune, as well as the classics that inspired it, press play below to listen to the singer's playlist on Spotify.

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