Grammy nominated singer-songwriter Cam whooped it up with a bunch of gay cowboys at the New York hot spot Flaming Saddles on Tuesday night (May 8). The country-themed gay bar is known for it's charismatic country flair with dancing on the bar, and Cam shimmied her way through a rendition of her latest hit "Diane" as patrons clapped and danced along. Readers can press play below for a brief clip of the animated performance.

Cam's impromptu performance was met with great enthusiasm as she climbed on top of the bar along with another dancer. The artist, an outspoken LGTBQ activist, posted online the following day that she felt like the belle of the ball.

"Dancing on a bar with gay cowboys to "Diane." I felt like the Cinderella of Flaming Saddles..." she posted on Instagram, along with blurry photo that captures the lighthearted mood of the moment.

Cam was recently named to a newly formed Recording Artist Diversity and Inclusion Task Force, along with fellow country singer Sheryl Crow, as well as many other big names in the music industry. The task force will be focused on issues affecting women, people of color and other minorities within the entertainment industry.

The "Burning House" artist kicked off her Listening Room Series tour in April, shortly after a guest appearance on season 16 of American Idol, during which she duetted with Idol hopefuls Effie Passero and Shannon O'Hara on "Diane" as well as Cam's breakout hit, "Burning House," respectively.

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