After the success of her single "Burning House," from her freshman album, Untamed, Cam knew that the pressure was on for the release of her next single. But instead of picking a safe, uptempo, fun summer song, the California native chose "Mayday," a pensive tune about the wrong side of love -- and she did so because of her fans.

"That’s the one that the most people have responded to. When I sing a set, people will say, ‘I love "Mayday,"" Cam explained to The Boot and other reporters. "People just love "Mayday" so much. I love it too."

Like "Burning House," Cam wrote "Mayday" with her good friend Tyler Johnson. With lines such as, "Said I'm moving on, 'cause things were getting rough / But here I am in your bed / I strung it on too long, afraid to be alone / Now we're in over our heads / It's either sink or swim, we've tried so many times / For worse or for better / It tears my heart in two to leave it all behind / And say goodbye forever," the song comes from personal experiences.

"Both Tyler and I have had relationships that were very much like that," Cam reveals. "What it represents -- that feeling of being in a situation that, you know you should want more, but you’re afraid that this is as good as it’s going to get -- I feel like that feeling is something that everybody knows.

"I’m really proud that we tapped into something that’s probably not comfortable to talk about. Go figure. It’s what we do," she adds. "It’s a dark one, but it’s something that I feel like, everybody knows that feeling."

Although a video for "Mayday" has yet to be released, the California native hints that she won't take the same direction as she did with her clip for "Burning House."

""Burning House" was especially literal, and I think we’re going to try and not be so literal in this one," Cam says. "Music videos are an especially fun thing to watch -- I bet from the outside, too -- because you learn so much, just like in our music ... It’s really fun work."

"Mayday" is available for download on iTunes.