When Callie Twisselman thinks about cowboys, she thinks about her father.

“I'd get up every morning at 4AM when I was about eight years old and go with him to haul the grain,” the country artist with the authentic-sounding voice remembers. “I remember being really excited just to have the chance to go with my dad down the road. But now I'm like, 'How did I get up at 4AM?'”

She laughs, but there's no denying that life on a working farm with a working cowboy shaped Twisselman in every way. In fact, when writing her new single “Cowboy,” it was her cattle-rancher dad she had in her mind.

But things changed once she got in the studio. “My producer and I decided we were going to turn it into a love song,” she says with a smile.

Twisselman's "Cowboy" music video, exclusively premiering on The Boot, is the story of a hard-working man who treasures the life he lives and the people he loves, sung by the woman who loves him. The luscious song, from Twisselman's recent Closure EP, has a lyrical backbone inspired by her childhood on her family’s seventh-generation grain and cattle ranch in California.

“We had to get up and feed the horses hay before we got to eat breakfast,” remembers Twisselman, who lived about 40 minutes from the nearest town, adding with a laugh, “We had to feed them first. Then, when my dad would haul cattle, I’d have cattle trailers for me to clean.

"So, I thought that was the worst job, but it was good," she continues. "All those chores around the ranch just made me a harder worker.”

It was on that ranch that Twisselman filmed what turned into her visually stunning music video. “Basically, we had our own little oasis where I spent my days riding horses and competing in rodeos and basically living the country life. So, to be able to share a little bit of that life in the music video was really cool," says Twisselman, whose mom was a singer in several local country bands growing up.

Of course, not everything on the video shoot went without a hitch. “Well, we were riding horses and had a camera guy filming that, so that was a little difficult, but we got it done,” notes Twisselman. “Also, my sister’s husband serves as the love interest in the video, and he was trying to rope the steer ... It was funny watching him get all frustrated, because he's so competitive.”

There was no way, though, that she wasn’t going to use a real-life cowboy in her music video.

“There is a lot of these guys … I guess you call them wannabes … and they say they are the real deal, but they're all talk. I guess you let them be what they want to be — that’s fine," says Twisselman, who has lived in Nashville since 2017.

Fans can keep up with Twisselman at CallieTwisselman.com.

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