Singer-songwriter Caitlin Cannon is premiering her new song "Daddy-O Mine" exclusively for readers of The Boot. Press play below to listen to the deeply personal tune, which offers an extra dose of heartbreak thanks to Cannon's raspy, emotive vocals.

On "Daddy-O Mine," Cannon explores her complicated relationship with her biological father, which she's struggled with through the years. She describes writing the song as a type of therapy: She used the process as a way to figure out how exactly this challenging relationship has affected her in other areas of her life, from romantic relationships to good old fashioned bad choices.

"I started writing this song a decade ago, and it was really time to stop. It's an old friend," Cannon tells The Boot. "It helped me understand, and even grieve, the estrangement from my 'bio' dad that has so often manifested itself in my relationship choices and behaviors. I probably owe it $85 an hour for 10 years, or whatever it is that good therapists charge these days."

In both a sonic and lyrical sense, Cannon's got a vivid vision for how "Daddy-O Mine" could be brought to life in a truly interesting way: as a film score. "I could see it working well in a Tarantino-esque scene, where a bunch of pissed-off little girls take their power back," she says. "Maybe he will license it after this article comes out and I can pay back my debt."

Now splitting her time between Colorado and Nashville, Cannon counts everyone from Dolly Parton to Hollywood icon Judy Garland as influences in her ethereal, vintage-inspired sound. After studying theater in college and moving to New York City to work as an actor, Cannon decided to focus on exploring her creativity through songwriting, and the rest is history.

At present, Cannon is gearing up to release her new record, titled The TrashCannon Album, on which "Daddy-O Mine" appears. In keeping with Cannon's characteristic tongue-in-cheek lyrical style, the album tackles a host of tough issues, from hard-scrabble living to the prison system to, of course, Cannon's relationship with her father.

The TrashCannon Album is set for release on May 15. Fans can keep up with Cannon via her official website.

Listen to Caitlin Cannon's "Daddy-O Mine"

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