New York-based alt-Americana artist Butch Parnell is premiering his new single "Hurry," and its accompanying lyric video, exclusively for readers of The Boot. Press play above to watch and listen.

According to Parnell, “Hurry” is about the kind of impatience that comes with a brand-new love -- at least, that's one of its meanings. Parnell tells The Boot that, in that context, the song is about "[w]hen you’ve fallen so much in love that you can’t wait to see the one you love -- that all you want is to hear them say, ‘I love you,’ and wrap his / her arms around you.”

However, ""Hurry" is the kind of song that can be interpreted many ways," Parnell adds, and the other meaning he infers from the tune is about a similar kind of intense uncertainty. Taken that way, the track is about when "[y]ou’ve been all consumed by love, and out of desperation, you need to hear the words ‘I love you’ just to know the other person is still in this."

"I certainly didn’t think of either of these when I was writing it,” he adds. “It just kinda came out naturally. It took 15 minutes to write, and I’ve spent much more time than that trying to figure out what I meant.”

Based in Brooklyn, Parnell -- whose real first name is Dave -- performs under his father’s name. He is preparing to release the follow-up project to his 2015 record The Wait, which was released under the moniker Runaway Dorothy. Titled The Fall, Parnell’s latest effort is a 6-track EP of twangy tunes, including “Hurry.”

The Fall is set for release on Nov. 17. Fans can visit for more about the disc and Parnell's upcoming shows.

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