It's been almost 18 months since Bucky Covington found himself without a label, when Lyric Street Records suddenly closed its doors. But the North Carolina native never missed a beat, continuing to perform shows all across the country. The hard work has now paid off, as Bucky has recently signed with a new label, and plans to release new music later this year.

"We have a new single coming across your radios in the next two or three months," the 'American Idol' alum reveals to Huntington, W.Va. paper, the Herald-Dispatch. "The album [will come out] another five, six months after that."

The singer is thrilled with his new label home, though he can't divulge too many details about it. "We haven't exactly put out a press release yet," he acknowledges. "It's a great company that's moved into Nashville. I'm the first country artist they've signed. I'm absolutely thrilled. The guy that's heading it up, Van, is also from North Carolina. I'm also working with a lot of people who were on Lyric Street. So I'm looking forward to working with some of these folks again."

The 34-year-old hopes to use several social media outlets to help promote his new music, even though he concedes he could use a few lessons. "I'm not a big tweeter. I'm starting," he admits. "If I have a tweet, I have to call it in because they're scared I'm gonna drunk tweet. I have a pretty big sense of humor, so I'd hate to go sending something I think is funny and the whole world thinks, 'Oh my goodness.' So yeah, all my tweets are still screened, but they are me!"

Bucky is playing several shows in the next few weeks, including a stop in Maryland tonight (September 12), followed by concerts in Kentucky and Louisiana. See his concert schedule here.