Bucky Covington has a brand-new single out, his first for new label home, Entertainment One Music Group. The uptempo tune is called 'I Wanna Be That Feeling,' written by Ben Hayslip and Jimmy Yeary. (Listen to it below.)

Bucky first started playing the song in concert a few months ago, testing it out with his fans to see if he should include it on the new record. But, unhappy with the song's arrangement, he pulled 'I Wanna Be That Feeling' from the set-list ... much to concertgoers' dismay.

"I had a fan come up who was almost mad at me: 'What happened to that 'Feeling' song?'" he tells USA Today. "I put it back into the set with a new guitar player, and it seems like folks are just loving it."

Bucky's new album is expected to come out in the first half of next year and will also include a cover of the Commodores 1979 hit, 'Sail On.' This will be the North Carolina native's first studio record since his 2007 self-titled debut, which spawned the hits 'A Different World,' 'It's Good to Be Us' and 'I'll Walk.'

"I am absolutely thrilled with the album that is now coming out, head over heels," he says. "It's Bucky Covington through and through."

Bucky first signed with Lyric Street Records after placing eighth on the fifth season of 'American Idol.' The Disney subsidiary company folded in 2010, forcing the singer and his label mates to find new record labels. Bucky is the first country artist to join the Entertainment One roster.

Listen to Bucky's New Song