Bucky Covington left his recent gig in Ormond Beach, Fla. with a new addition to his police record, but swears this time he is innocent. The 'American Idol' alum played June 30 at the Iron Horse Saloon as part of a NASCAR race week celebration. Proceeds from the concert went missing, and concert promoters are pointing the finger at Bucky and his family.

The problems began when William Fuller, the promoter of the NASCAR week events, suffered chest pains and was rushed to the hospital. When he returned, he found around $1,500 missing from the cash box, and immediately accused Bucky, his twin brother, Rocky Covington, and sister-in-law, Terra Covington, of stealing the money. Fuller alleges that the Covington trio sold tickets at the front gate, even after they were told not to, and pocketed the money, also stealing from the cash box. He has four witnesses who back his claims.

The incident was first reported by TMZ, who provided a copy of the police report, charging Bucky with grand theft. The 33-year-old singer, who vehemently denies the charges, joked, "I'm just glad I'm big enough to be on TMZ! Thanks!"

Bucky and Rocky were both arrested back in 1998 on a list of charges including hit and run, giving fictitious information to a police officer, driving with a suspended license, leaving the scene of an accident and resisting arrest. That incident stemmed from a car accident after which the identical twins switched places to avoid Rocky's arrest. Rocky was in the driver's seat of his brother's truck when another car hit him from behind. Fearful that even though he wasn't at fault, he'd still be arrested due to the fact that his license was suspended, he called Bucky to the scene and Bucky told officers it was actually him driving the truck. They convinced the other driver in the accident to go along with their story, but he eventually told police the truth.

The tunesmith isn't letting his impending legal woes keep him down. He will head West Virginia and Texas this week, as part of his Hometown tour, where he is focusing on smaller, more rural towns. He will also join good friend Craig Morgan for his 5th Annual Charity Ride and Concert August 6 and 7, to benefit Billy's Place in Dickson, Tenn. Keep track of his concert schedule here.

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