Bryson Jennings is giving The Boot's readers an exclusive look at an acoustic performance of his debut single, "Young Nights."

The black-and-white clip features Jennings, guitarist Douglas Collins and percussionist Jon Lucas playing "Young Nights," which appears on Jennings' self-titled EP, live at Gasoline Studios in Franklin, Tenn. The performance was shot by Josh Heflin.

In the song's chorus, Jennings urges listeners to, essentially, seize the moment, because "Young nights, they never get older."

"Drink up, you never stay sober / Keep on fillin' it until you're spillin' it over," he sings. "That girl you think you can't get, go and hold her / And dance to the song that you hate that she loves / Tell her she's pretty, yeah, just because ..."

Jennings wrote "Young Nights" with Tommy Cecil and Mike Lane after a vacation in Hilton Head, S.C. The song was inspired by his experiences growing up in South Carolina and the great friends and good memories he made there.

“I don’t sing about anything that’s not real to me,” Jennings tells The Boot. “It’s extremely evident in my music. I grew up hanging out and partying in fields with my buddies. I went to college and was hanging out at the bars and hanging out with good friends and having good times. That’s how you grow up in a small town."

Jennings says that "Young Nights" is being released "right at the perfect time."

“It’s catchy; it’s fun. It’s a summer song ...," he explains. "It’s starting to move [on the charts], and that says a lot about a song, when you can do that on your end and you don’t have a big label.”

Download "Young Nights" on iTunes.

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