Pop-country duo Brown & Gray are releasing a new song on Friday (May 10), but The Boot's readers get to hear it first. Press play below to hear "Last to Know" in an exclusive premiere.

Kaci Brown and Sam Gray bring solid harmonies to "Last to Know," which features a boppy, electronic-inspired melody despite its somber subject matter. It's a song about finding out your relationship is over through the rumor mill -- which, as anyone who's been through a breakup knows, is always the worst way to learn that news.

"If it ain't me, why can't you let me go? / Instead of your friends tellin' their friends tellin' someone I don't know," the duo sings on the chorus. "I don't mind if you change your mind / That's fine / But, baby, what hurts the most / Is that I was the first to fall / And now I'm the last to know."

Brown and Gray co-wrote "Last to Know" with Brad Crisler, while they were in California. The idea was Gray's, "inspired by a couple's relationship he is really close to," they share.

"It was recorded partly in Nashville and partly in Berlin," Brown & Gray add. "We loved collaborating with producer Niels Zuiderhoek on this. It was already a great song before production, but when we heard what Niels had done, it sounded magical!"

"Last to Know" is the newest single from Brown & Gray, and the pair of of UK and U.S. singer-songwriters is decidedly on the rise. After the release of their debut single, "Top Down," in 2018, the duo earned solid satellite radio airplay and played to sold-out festival crowds. In an interesting twist, "Top Down" ended up being remixed by a club DJ, which resulted in the song becoming a Top 10 dance hit in the UK and, later, scoring later success on the Billboard Top 40 Airplay chart.

"Last to Know" is available for pre-order now. For more details on the duo's upcoming tour dates -- including a stop at Country Jam Colorado in June -- visit BrownAndGrayMusic.com.

Listen to Brown & Gray's "Last to Know"

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