Brothers Osborne are back in the studio working on new music, but, at least so far, the duo isn't sure exactly what direction their next musical chapter will take. At the 2019 ASCAP Country Music Awards in November, brothers John and TJ Osborne told The Boot and other outlets that they'd already written plenty of new songs, though they're always on the lookout for their next big hit.

"We have, I would say, pretty much everything written. [But] we're still writing. You never know when you might hook the big one," John Osborne explained at the time. "But we're going back in in December for about two and a half weeks, so that'll be the next big step."

Until they did that, the Osbornes said, they wouldn't be able to share exactly what fans might expect from their new music in 2020. "I don't even know what to expect!" John continued.

Adds TJ Osborne, "We just have a bunch of songs together. I think, ultimately, you don't really know until you start recording, sometimes, where it's gonna take you. We have ideas of where we want to go. But sometimes, in the studio, everything's off the table and you're just kind of saddling up and riding."

The duo could share that they'll be returning to work with producer Jay Joyce, who worked on their 2018 album, Port Saint Joe, as well their major-label debut, 2016's Pawn Shop. "We haven't driven him too crazy yet, so he still wants to work with us," John jokes.

Even though their next chapter of music is still undefined and murky, Brothers Osborne say they can't wait until it's ready to share with fans. "We're working with the goal of releasing our next single off the new record sometime at the beginning of [2020]," TJ says.

"We don't really know when the next album is coming out yet," he adds, "but we're excited."

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