The Brothers Osborne think that their time has come. The sibling duo, made up of T.J. and Josh Osborne, just released as a single a new, re-recorded version of "Stay a Little Longer," a tune from their self-titled debut EP, and they say that they believe that country music is about to change.

"We went through an era of big hit songs that no one is going to listen to 10 years from now," T.J. Osborne tells Rolling Stone Country. "And we're about to hit a decade of country that I think is going to be played for a long time. It's about to hit the same stride it hit in the '90s."

Too many artists are trying to emulate others in order to find the same level of success, the brothers say, which is resulting in country music without any lasting appeal.

"There have been so many people that have followed a trend, [one] started honestly by Florida Georgia Line. That's genuine. That's who they are," John Osborne says. "The problem lies in people changing their sound because it worked.

"I've always compared it to the early '90s when hair metal was so huge, and you had these bands like Warrant, who were more about showing off and about the picture than they were about the music," he adds. "It got to a point where it became so huge, it became a bubble, and the only thing that can happen is that bubble is going to explode. Which it did when Nirvana showed up. That's what is happening now."

The Brothers Osborne are thrilled to be part of the shift in country music, helping usher in a new sound that will hopefully be around for years to come.

"I think artists are finally realizing we can either have this short-lived, sell-our-souls moment, put the song out and have a little flash in the pan, or we can get down to real music," T.J. Osborne says. "And when country music is real, there is not a genre cooler than it."

"I think people are tired of the bulls--t," John Osborne adds, "and are ready for the real substance."

Download "Stay a Little Longer" on iTunes.

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