The Brothers Osborne have released a new single, "Stay a Little Longer." An older version of the song appears on their self-titled debut EP, released last year, but the duo re-recorded the tune before sending it out into the world as a single.

The melodic tune features lines like, “One more drink leads to another / You slide up close to me / Tearin’ T-shirts off each other / Your hands all over me / I tell myself I’m not in love / But one more time is not enough / One last kiss, and then you’re a goner / I’m lyin’ here, wishin’ you could stay a little longer," and brothers and bandmates John and T.J. Osborne say "Stay a Little Longer" is the perfect song to play live and show a crowd who they really are as artists.

"That song gives them everything that we are," T.J. Osborne tells Rolling Stone Country. "It starts off, and the verses are really emotional and fragile. You don't want to be alone, you're making the phone call [to an on-again, off-again lover], taking the trip to the house, and then you're tearing T-shirts off, and it's this electric thing.

"But then, boom, you're by yourself again," he continues. "'I'm lying here wishing you could stay a little longer.'"

The siblings co-wrote the song with hitmaker Shane McAnally, and veteran producer Jay Joyce produced the track.

"Jay is one of those guys who knows how to push the right buttons, and some of those buttons piss you off," Osborne notes. "But it gets a result. Sometimes the most frustrating people you work with are the most beneficial."

Adds John Osborne, "At one point, Jay was challenging me as a guitar player so much that we got into a little bit of a heated argument that involved a lot of the F-word. I was so rattled by it. I never had anyone do that to me in a studio.

"It's easy to get complacent and do your thing, and Jay pissed me off, but he was right," Osborne continues. "He was able to get something out of me that I don't think anyone else can."

Download "Stay a Little Longer" on iTunes.

Listen to Brothers Osborne, "Stay a Little Longer":

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