Brooke Eden has weathered her fair share of storms, but these days, it's nothing but blue skies ahead. Her song "No Shade" -- her first new music since 2017 -- reflects a turning point for the Florida native, both professionally and personally.

Eden has triumphed over heartbreak and met her "soulmate," solved a health issue and found a sound that melds her love of country music, 1960s and '70s soul and pop, with an assist from producer Jesse Frasure. She co-wrote "No Shade" with Steven Lee Olsen and Brandon Day, just three days before she went into the studio to record it.

Below, Eden shares the story behind "No Shade," in her own words.

"No Shade" was the last song of the three [songs I'm releasing in 2021] that we wrote; we actually wrote it three days before we went into the recording studio ...

It's the beginning of my story, of me finding myself and kind of pulling myself out of a dark place ... "No Shade" is the first part of it, and "No Shade" is a song about, you know, pulling yourself out of the shade, pulling yourself out of the darkness.

Whether it's a bad breakup or depression or the year 2020, whatever you're personally going through, it's [about] you seeing the light at the end of the tunnel and kind of coming into your own again, and finding yourself again after you don't know who you are ...

It was kind of the beginning of my realizing that there was light at the end of the tunnel in my life, and I just thought that was a really important way to start this group of songs ... especially after last year, to show people there's always light at the end of the tunnel.

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