Longtime fans and followers of country singer Brooke Eden are likely aware that the musician's been in a relationship with a woman named Hilary Hoover for several years. Now, Eden has decided to share the full tale about the partner she calls her soulmate and "love of her life."

Eden has "never really told [the] story," she writes alongside a video she shared in early January.

"I started by posting pictures of us without captions," she explains. "Then started using vague words to describe who she was to me. Finally, a little over a year ago, I got comfortable enough to tell y'all."

As Eden goes on to explain in the slideshow of her and Hoover set to Ed Sheeran's "Perfect," country music industry pressures initially had her hiding her relationship. But her love for Hoover — a Nashville-based promo director who has worked with Garth Brooks — eventually broke that barrier.

"I'm Brooke Eden and I'm a country singer," the musician relays atop the heartwarming clips. "I met the love of my life my first week of radio tour! … Her name is Hilary, and we're soulmates. But they told us that if I wanted to keep my career in country music, that we'd have to keep our relationship a secret. So we kept our love a secret for 3.5 years. About a year ago, we decided we wouldn't be silenced anymore."

From there, Brooke and Hilary started to "live [their] love out loud," the singer says. 

"Soon, we started feeling supported by everyone around us," Eden adds. "I still get to do what I love. My record label is on board, and I'm recording new music videos and Hilary is gonna be in them with me."

Hoover re-shared the singer's romantic rundown on her own Instagram. She is also in the music industry, and currently works in promotions for Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood.

Eden, 32, is known for her singles such as "Act Like You Don't" and "Diamonds," each taken from her 2016 EP, Welcome to the WeekendHer other songs include "Daddy's Money" and "American Dreamin'."

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