Brooke Eden released her five-song EP, Choosing You, in July, and as she embarks on a new era in her country music career, she's looking back on the early years of working her way up in the industry.

She began in her hometown of West Palm Beach, Fla., and eventually made her way to Nashville, signing a record deal with BBR Music Group. However, the singer — who publicly came out as queer in 2021 — says she had doubts that she would ever be able to live her truth in the genre.

"First of all, I’m queer and in country music," she shares in a recent Instagram Live interview with Taste of Country. "There were years when I was like, ‘I don’t think I’m ever going to be able to be myself and be in country music.'"

"But it’s just a lie. It’s just a lie," she continues. "There’s so many queer people who grew up in the country, who love country music, and there’s so many straight people who relate to my music."

"It was just a lie that was told to me and that I believed and told myself as well."

Eden stayed the path, and she's now proud to help represent the LGBTQ community in country music. Her new EP is indicative of her journey to becoming the most authentic version of herself, and she hopes it will inspire others to do the same.

"When I was writing this batch of music, it was my first chapter of my life where I was just really empowered," she says. "I was really just living so authentically and my truth, and I think that comes out in this music."

"I hope that people walk away after listening to this EP knowing that they're worthy, knowing that they have the power within them to live their most authentic life and be so happy in doing so," adds Eden.

She has already seen the profound effect her music has had on listeners, with one fan even telling the singer that she saved their life. Eden also chatted with Taste of Country about her favorite hometown restaurant, her upcoming wedding to fiancée Hilary Hoover and more.

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