When he got engaged, country star Brett Young assumed that his fiancee, Taylor Mills, wouldn't want him to sing at their wedding. "Poor girl comes to five of my shows a week!" Young joked to The Boot and other media outlets at an October 2018 press event. However, once he learned that Mills was, in fact, hoping for her soon-to-be husband to sing something for the occasion, the prospect brought up a whole new series of challenges.

"It puts you in an interesting position," Young goes on to explain. "I'm not gonna sing one of my songs, because that feels like a cop-out. That's what I do for work every night. But also, I'm not gonna sing one of the classic wedding songs that everybody in the world has at their wedding."

His third option -- performing an original song written specially for the occasion -- seems even more daunting, though. "If I write a song, there's a 99 percent chance that I'm gonna write some cheesy crap," Young continues, "because trying to write a wedding song, you set yourself up to fail."

As the big day draws closer, Young says that his best bet may be to pick a track that has stood the test of time but isn't overused. "I never look through 'Popular Wedding Songs' lists," he says. "I've been looking through, maybe, unreleased songs from somebody that is a balladeer, a soul singer, an R&B singer, but a song that never went to radio. I'm doing my research. I just haven't landed on anything yet. We'll get there."

Young says he's leaving the other aspects of wedding planning primarily to his bride-to-be. "From the very beginning I told her -- and it wasn't a cop-out at all, I just know she's so particular -- I told her, 'I'm gonna stay out of your way completely, but I promise that anything you do ask for, I'm gonna get it done immediately,'" he relates. "That's pretty much what we've done."

While touring and promoting a record is a full-time gig, planning a wedding is, too, and that's made it difficult for the couple to spend time together. "She's so busy planning that a lot of times she's not coming on the road right now," Young adds. "We miss each other a lot, and it's starting to get stressful because [the wedding] is starting to get close, but it's all good things."

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