After wedding his fiancee, Taylor Mills, in early November, Brett Young has a new kind of holiday season ahead of him: one as one half of a married couple. Before the Christmas festivities officially kicked off, the country star explained to The Boot and other outlets that the most difficult part of celebrating the holidays as a newlywed is finding time to be together with both sets of families.

"Both of our parents are still happily married. I have a sister. She has a sister. My sister's married. Her sister's in a serious relationship. You start talking about who gets what holidays and what we're doing and who goes where," Young explains. "We still haven't figured out Christmas yet ..."

For Thanksgiving, Young and Mills compromised by celebrating with both families in a place with personal significance to the newlyweds: Oxford, Miss., where they got engaged. They all attended the Egg Bowl, a Mississippi vs. Mississippi State football game, and spent time enjoying each other's company.

As for Christmas? That holiday's been a little trickier to figure out.

"I think we're intent on splitting time as well as possible," Young says. "It's brand new, so there's still a learning curve we haven't figured out yet.

"I'm getting the feeling that our families being as close as they are, as involved as they are, it's gonna be a lot of last-minute decisions based not on who gets what but who's able to do what and who's able to travel where," he adds.

Young released his sophomore album, Ticket to L.A., on Dec. 7. As he formulates his holiday plans, he is also juggling concert dates on his CMT on Tour: Here Tonight run, which will wrap on Dec. 16 in Kansas City, Mo.

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