"Drink About Me" is the lead single from Brett Kissel's 2020 album Now or Never, the project that introduced the Canadian star to a U.S. country fanbase. The song was written by Matt Rogers and Ben Stennis, and Kissel says he knew the song was special the instant he heard it.

To learn more about how Kissel came to cut "Drink About Me" -- and how it became his first single -- read on to learn the story behind the song, told in the artist's own words.

Jeff Davis, who runs Go Long Entertainment here in Nashville, has just been a really great consultant, a great friend, has really helped me find great partnerships in Music City. We were in LA doing a promo, and Jeff says, "Do I have a song for you ..."

I love hearing that from any of my team members. So he sends me "Drink About Me." And I remember, I was on Rodeo Drive, and I heard the first chorus. The demo was outstanding. I closed my eyes in the backseat of this rental vehicle, with my manager Louis, and I told myself, "Remember where you are in this moment, because you just heard a life-changing song." And life-changing it was.

So that was really step one. I told Jeff, "If you can talk to the songwriters and publishers and have me cut it, I'll do it."

Two months later, I'm playing at the Bluebird [Cafe in Nashville], and I invited Matt Rogers, who is the songwriter for "Drink About Me," to be my guest. Matt's written big songs for Brett Eldredge -- he must have had 10 or 12 No. 1s by now. Beauty of a guy. Matt sits beside me at the Bluebird, and now I get to hear "Drink About Me" live at the Bluebird.

Within the first few lines, he got that intimate crowd in the palm of his hand, and I knew there was power there. I already knew I loved [the song], I knew I was gonna put it on the album, but as soon as he was done, I looked at him, looked at the Bluebird, and I said, "Matt, if you give me permission to cut this song ... I promise you I will place it as my first single."

He shook my hand at the Bluebird, everybody cheered, and he let me cut it. I stayed true to my word: It was my first single.

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