Following its release as a single in May of 2015, Brett Eldredge earned his fourth consecutive No. 1 hit with "Lose My Mind." The debut single from Eldredge's sophomore album, Illinois, was written by Eldredge, along with frequent writing partners (and good friends) Ross Copperman and Heather Morgan, and is about love so strong that it borders on crazy. Below, Eldredge and Copperman share with The Boot and a few other reporters how "Lose My Mind" came to be.

Brett Eldredge: "Lose My Mind" was a lot different than anything I had released up to that point, and we knew it when we wrote it, but it was like, "Let’s just go crazy with this," so we did with this song ... It started with a groove, really.

Ross Copperman: Brett does these things where he beat-boxes almost, and he’ll beat on the table or grab a book. I’ll grab the mic and throw it in front of him, and we’ll start recording things.

Eldredge: To their credit, most people would be like, "You’re crazy." And I feel like I am crazy when I’m doing that stuff. And I am probably crazy, but that’s okay. But I go in there, and [Copperman and Morgan] are so good at reading what I’m trying to say; we have this connection. We’ve all written for a long time now, and known each other for a long time ... We know what we’re going to say before we actually say it, a lot of the time.

Copperman: Most of the guitar riffs you hear on the songs that me and Brett and Heather have written are actually melodies that Brett has sung to me ... It’s either him singing them through a guitar amp, or it’s me trying to figure out how to play it exactly how he’s singing it.

Eldredge: Heather’s really good at reeling [Copperman] and I in when we start going off the deep end and we’re, like, going crazy. She’s like, "Alright, guys. We’re over here." Heather’s a brilliant camp counselor, but she’s a brilliant writer, and I think that it’s so special when you find a group of people that you love as friends and you get to make music with them that can eventually go out and touch a lot of people and become a part of their lives and the soundtrack to their lives.

We’ve written so many different styles of songs. You can’t make yourself chase a really creative route and try something different and not be afraid of it. If you’re afraid of it, then you’re not going to do it right.

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