Brantley Gilbert has released a new single, "The Ones That Like Me," from his album The Devil Don't Sleep. Readers can press play below to hear the mid-tempo song, which Gilbert says captures him as an artist and a person.

""The Ones That Like Me" is just, straight-ahead, me in a nutshell," Gilbert says. " One of my favorite parts of my job is that I get to be that 'what you see is what you get' guy; I don't have to put on a show and keep up with a story that's not true. People that know me well and that are close to me know that that song is me in a nutshell."

The mellow vibe of "The Ones That Like Me" speaks to the comfort that Gilbert has found in being himself with the people who know him, and with his fans. In the song, he sings, "The ones that need me got me / The ones that doubt me can't stop me / Even the ones that said forget him / You can bet they ain't forgot me ...;" in short, the lyrics spell out the differences between the people that matter and the ones that don't.

Gilbert released The Devil Don't Sleep in January. "The Ones That Like Me" will impact country radio officially on June 12.

This summer, Gilbert is out on the road for his 2017 The Devil Don't Sleep Tour, which also features Tyler Farr and Luke Combs.

Listen to Brantley Gilbert's "The Ones That Like Me"

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