Brantley Gilbert has revealed his new single to kick off your weekend in a rockin' way, and it's aptly titled "The Weekend."

Gilbert's guitar-heavy single welcomes fans to the weekend because Lord knows we all need it: “Tick Tock, I’m on the clock / And I’m feelin’ like this job’s / Just nine to fivin’ my life away,” he sings in the intro.

Picture electric guitars, banjo, a party track and Gilbert's trademark gritty vocals, and that's what "The Weekend" brings to the table. He tells iHeartRadio the end result is "Bottoms Up" meets a "Kickin' in the Sticks" feel.

“Some days are longer than others... and some nights aren’t nearly long enough, ’The Weekend’ is about making that weekend go on and on, and getting every little bit [of] good time out of it. You’re gonna give it up all week long, so make every Friday night, every Saturday, every bit you can, matter," he says.

“Live it up for the weekend / Pull it up, have the time of your life / Take a shot for the regrets / Double up and it’s bound to get double wild,” the chorus invites while also telling the ladies to let their hair down.

"The Weekend" is a party from beginning to finish: "Backwoods lookin’ like Panama City / Bunch of jacked up trucks and bikinis,” Gilbert sings. “Got a YETI full of good ideas / Like I ain’t worried about drivin’, I’mma stay right here."

“When we hit the road this winter on the BLACKOUT TOUR,” Gilbert says of the song’s impetus, “we were rolling through the Midwest, South Dakota, Oklahoma, Minnesota, and you see how hard people work – and how much they need to let it go when they get to Friday! All those people coming out to the shows and rocking hard; they meant business. I wanted to write a song that matched that intensity to kick back even harder than you work. That’s where ‘The Weekend’ comes from: all those people who came out and threw it down with us.”

"Hopefully this song will be a breath of fresh air," he adds.

“I know the BG Nation: they like big guitars, loud drums, something with a little attitude. When it was time to pick out the first single from my next album, ‘The Weekend’ was the only choice."

Gilbert wrote "The Weekend" with Andrew DeRobert, though they've still never met face to face. The song, which has already climbed into the iTunes Country Top 10, is available on iTunes. It impacts radio on August 8, and it's the first single off Gilbert's new album.

For more information on Gilbert's 2016 Take It Outside Tour, visit his official website.

Listen to Brantley Gilbert, “The Weekend”:

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