Brandy Clark's sultry new song, "Love is a Fire," was one track she had to fight for to include on her new album, Your Life is a Record. Fortunately, the singer says, her label kept an open mind about the track, and wound up loving the finished product just as much as she did. 

Read on to learn more about how "Love is a Fire" came to be, including the surprising inspiration behind the tune. Below, Clark explains the story in her own words.

I wrote that with Shane McAnally and Jessie Jo Dillon. That song was written at the same time that the TV show Feud, with Bette Davis and Joan Crawford, was on.

And I am somebody that -- anybody who knows me knows I go down a rabbit hole so far I'm in China. I was up one night Googling things about Bette Davis and Joan Crawford, and there was this Joan Crawford quote where she said, "Love is a fire, you just never know if it's gonna warm you or burn you."

And I knew that Jessie Jo and Shane were the right people to write that with. I remember us writing it at night. I remember really being on fire, literally. Everybody's schedule was really crazy, and I was like, "We gotta write this idea, and we gotta write it right now."

So we wrote this. This song was one that, you know, I wanted this song real bad, and the label was like, "Well, I mean, if you feel strongly about it, do it." So when it was done, they came to listen to it, and [they loved it.] I don't know how many people at record labels do this, and I'm lucky that I'm in a place where they did, but they turned around and said they were wrong about it.