Brandi Carlile is sharing a few details about her upcoming new album, 'The Firewatcher's Daughter.'

The record, which will be released on March 3 on indie label ATO Records, was recorded almost entirely from first takes, with very little rehearsal time.

"We took SO many different approaches in the studio and the lead-up to it," Carlile explains to NPR. "I'd say the biggest shift that resulted in us really rocking had to do with the fact that we didn't make any demos. To me, rock 'n' roll isn't really a genre but more of recklessness or a risk ... The more something gets ironed out and sure of itself, the less it begins to rock somehow."

Carlile and her band, the Twins, sold out much of her recent Unplugged Tour, which she performed without microphones or amps.

“I found myself totally mesmerized by what can happen when you invite the room into a song like that,” she explains. “The only people who get to hear the part that the history of these rooms can play in a performance are the artists that show up before the speakers come on.”

Carlile has plenty of shows on the calendar over the next few months, including several sold-out shows. See her complete schedule here.

'Wherever Is Your Heart' and 'The Eye' from 'The Firewatcher's Daughter' are both available for download here. Pre-order the entire project here.

Brandi Carlile, 'The Firewatcher's Daughter' Track Listing:

1. 'Wherever Is Your Heart'
2. 'The Eye'
3. 'The Things I Regret'
4. 'Mainstream Kid'
5. 'Beginning to Feel the Years'
6. 'Wilder (We’re Chained)'
7. 'Blood Muscle Skin & Bone'
8. 'I Belong to You'
9. 'Alibi'
10. 'The Stranger at My Door'
11. 'Heroes and Songs'
12. 'Murder in the City'