When Brandi Carlile went to Washington's Bear Creek Studios to record "Hard Way Home," she wanted to get in touch with her country roots. To this end, she asked her mother -- a country singer herself -- to tag along. According to Brandi, having her mother watching over her from the control room gave her the inspiration to sing the song with the amount of soul it needed.

"I loved working at Bear Creek on this record. It was almost like working at home," she tells Spinner.

"We had such a great familial atmosphere, and for me it was one of our best recording experiences to date. This video is just a small peek into what it was like making the record. I love how all of our feet are keeping time in the video ... feels just like it did when we recorded it for the album."

Take a look at the in-studio performance of "Hard Way Home" below, and pre-order Brandi Carlilie's Bear Creek album here.

Watch Brandi Carlile Perform "Hard Way Home"