"Welcome back everybody, I'm Carrie Underwood and this is Brad Paisley and we're here to say that identity theft is a big problem," Carrie told the CMA Awards show audience as "Brad" nodded in agreement.

If the white Stetson swallowing his entire head wasn't enough of a tip-off to the fact that a comedy bit was underway, the real Brad Paisley stormed the stage to confront the identity thief, NASCAR driver Jeff Gordon.

"Jeff, what do you think you're doing?," the real Brad demanded.

"I'm not Jeff Gordon, I'm Brad Paisley," the impostor insisted.

"Prove it. Sing something. Right now," Brad challenged.

"Come on, man. Everybody knows Brad lip-synchs," Jeff, uh, "Brad" countered.

"I'll make you a deal. You give me the keys to the [No.] 48 car, you can stay," Brad joked, to which Jeff replied, "I drive the No. 24 car."

With the comic timing that's quickly becoming one way to identify the genuine article, Brad answered, "I know," as the two ad-libbed their way out of the bit, leaving Carrie a not-so-innocent bystander. While we certainly enjoyed the bit, the whole thing has us wondering if No. 24 has to have his racing helmets fitted for an unusually small head.

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