"Cosmic Americana" duo Blue Cactus examine the seasons of a relationship in their song "Stranger Again," and its accompanying music video, premiering exclusively on The Boot. Press play below to watch the brand-new clip.

"On your mind / That's where I want to be all the time," Blue Cactus' Mario Arnez and Steph Stewart sing in the chorus. The song, which they wrote together, shows how the dynamics of a relationship can shift and change over time, and expresses longing to feel the emotions that were present at the start.

"Let me keep you wondering," they sing. "I wanna be your stranger again."

"Stranger Again" is the title track of Blue Cactus' sophomore album, released on May 7. They co-produced the record with Alex Bingham, whose Bedtown Studios they used to record the project, after writing much of it during a week-long artist residency at Wildacres Retreat, in the mountains of their home state of North Carolina.

"A theme of relationships and their perpetual states of change runs throughout the album," Arnez and Stewart say. "Relationships shape who we are. We long to connect with others, and the relationships we have with each other, with ourselves, with culture ... they all inform the ways we move through the world."

Blue Cactus' music is twangy, yet glitzy -- hence, the "cosmic Americana" label. The real-life couple have been making music together for about a decade, and as Blue Cactus since 2017.

Stranger Again is available for purchase on vinyl, CD and digitally via Sleepy Cat Records now.

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