Blake Shelton admits he has made a few mistakes in his life and career, and he is hoping he can turn those missteps into a positive when working with his team of singers he is coaching on NBC's new hit show, 'The Voice.'

"I've made tons of mistakes along the way, and I love to share that with my team, not just for this show but for the journey beyond for them," Blake tells the new issue of 'TV Guide.' "There are things I've done in my shows that I wish I hadn't -- bad song selection, showing too much nerves or attitude -- and a couple of girls on my team get really nervous. Clearly I don't have a problem coming out of my shell, but that wasn't always the case. Who knows? I might take them to make asses of themselves at karaoke and get it all out of their system."

Not only did the singer acquire a new team of singers on 'The Voice,' but he also gained a few new friends in the process, and it all began with show creator and executive producer, Mark Burnett's credit card.

The man behind such successful television programs as 'Survivor' and 'Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?' wanted the four coaches -- Blake, Christina Aguilera, Maroon 5's Adam Levine and Cee Lo Green -- to bond. So, he gave them his personal credit card and sent them off to L.A.'s popular hot spot, the Soho House, for dinner. The three guys got there first and took bets on whether the blond pop singer would actually show up, and when she did, they were shocked.

The four stars bonded that night, especially after several bottles of champagne, and realized they believed not only in each other, but in the show itself, which had them picking singers on sound, not sight.

As far as the credit card bill, Burnett still has not seen it. "They called the next day and said, 'You're going to regret giving your credit card to us,'" the TV producer recalls. "I don't want to look."

Blake says the hardest part for him is having to pick which contestant stays and which one goes home. "The fun stuff I'd like to do with [them] won't happen till the live shows start," he says. "That's when we dig in, and it's more about what America thinks. That's when I'm out of the equation, and I can be the parent at the baseball game in the stands."

The Oklahoma native will not have to worry about reducing his team's number for long, since the live shows begin June 7. The viewers will then begin to vote on which singers will remain.

The new issue of TV Guide, featuring more from Blake and the rest of the coaches, arrives on newsstands Thursday (May 26).

Blake is currently in Durant, Okla. with his friend Reba McEntire to co-host a pair of Tornado Relief Benefit concerts Wednesday (May 25) and Thursday (May 26).

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