Blake Shelton took time out at a recent stop in Phoenix, Ariz., to meet one of his biggest fans.

Adam Pepiton was shot in the head during a drive-by shooting four years ago when he was leaving a friend's barbecue. Pepiton says it was Shelton's song 'God Gave Me You' that helped him continue after the incident.

"For me, it's just right in the heart," he says.

Pepiton created a video to share his story and ask people to help him meet Shelton when he came through town to perform. The video ended up catching the attention of some of Shelton's team, and they arranged for the two to meet.

"Every little 'like' on that video helped. Everyone sharing it helped. I appreciate all of them. Everybody doing that just got me here," Pepiton said before the concert. "Honestly, it didn't really set in until about last night. I'm like, what I am I gonna say to him? ... I couldn't sleep."

The shooter who injured Pepiton has not been caught.

"I'm just living my life, and if I inspire others living my life, then that's great," he said.