Blake Shelton's "She's Got a Way With Words" music video finds the country superstar enjoying a night out with his buddies at a bar -- a bar that Shelton just so happened to build specifically for the video shoot.

According to People, Shelton purchased a former dentist's office in Tishomingo, Okla., and gutted the building to create the set for his "She's Got a Way With Words" clip. Readers can press play above to see Shelton and his band play poker and pool, tip 'em back and perform his newest single inside the location.

"There's just a hint of sarcasm in this one," Shelton jokes to People of the song's straight-shooting lyrics, such as “She put the her in hurt / She put the why in try / She put the S.O.B. in sober / She put the hang in hangover.” He adds, "I have high hopes for this one."

That dentist's office-turned-music video set isn't Shelton's only newly acquired property in Tishomingo: After ex-wife Miranda Lambert closed her Pink Pistol store in the town, Shelton also bought that building. At the time, he said, "We all, as a community, appreciate everything [the Pink Pistol] has done for our town. As for the actual properties left behind ... I was offered the opportunity to buy them, and I have a plan brewing."

Lambert and Shelton lived in Tishomingo while they were married (it’s also where he proposed), but she moved after their split; Lambert retained their Nashville home, while Shelton kept their Oklahoma abode. And although Tishomingo’s Pink Pistol is no more, Lambert still owns a bed and breakfast, the Ladysmith, in the town.

"She's Got a Way With Words," and all of Shelton's newest album, If I'm Honest, is available for download on iTunes.

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