Blake SheltonThe fans have a pretty good idea of what Blake Shelton's personality is like through his Twitter page and the various, hilarious interviews he does. So a reality show about his private life would be the next logical step, right? Not according to Blake.

"I do a pretty good job of that already, letting people in my life," Blake tells The Boot. "I probably wouldn't do that, though. There's got to be a limit of how much you can take. I'm touring most of the year, and especially with Miranda [Lambert] and I being together and now that we're engaged, it comes up all the time -- reality show ideas."

While the offers are pouring in for their own show, the thought of cameras following the engaged duo around day and night is not appealing to Blake. The Oklahoma native says no amount of money or perks would be enough to give up his privacy. "It's just not that worth it to us," he says. "I don't care if that means a billion dollars will come our way or we can sell two million more albums, it's just not worth it to me to sacrifice any more of my personal life than I do already, just because I'm in the public eye."

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