Miranda Lambert tweeted a photo on Tuesday (March 12) of a puppy she'd found "in the middle of the highway" with its bed and food bowl.

Of course, the notorious animal lover began a search for the dog's owner, ending the campaign with, "I guess the pup is mine till I find him a little boy somewhere to love [sic] him." Until then, Miranda has given the little guy a temporary name: "Pistol Andy."

The scenario is one with which the singer's husband, Blake Shelton, has been more than familiar.

"I never know what to expect when Miranda goes to town in Tishomingo, [Okla.]," Shelton told The Boot and other reporters during a recent press conference. "When she comes back, I never know what's going to be in the car. I can tell you -- I'm not kidding when I say 20, maybe 25, maybe 30 times -- she's come home from the grocery store, and there will either be a dog or a cat in her car. And they're not always puppies, it might be a big, a -- pitbull in there, and I'm going, 'What the hell, you can't just ...' 'Well, it licked me so it was nice,' and I say, 'Yeah, but you don't know if it has rabies or what.'"

Lambert always assures her hubby that she'll take care of all two to three dozen animals. So, in their nearly two years of marriage, the 'Sure Be Cool If You Did' singer has decided to just go with it.

"You learn that she's going to do these things with these animals," Shelton continues. "It's so weird that I live in the middle of nowhere, and there's a chain link fence behind my house, and it's for one reason: because of all the strays that she picks up. We have the halfway house for these animals. Last year, at one point, there were six animals in the backyard -- puppies and one grown dog -- that were all en-route somewhere."

By en-route, the ACM Awards co-host means that his wife finds suitable homes for the animals.

"Some of them she takes on, they'll find a worthy person somewhere in the country," he explains. "They'll show pictures on the website, and someone will say, 'I want that dog, I live in Lexington, Ky.,' and they'll figure out when her tour is getting close or when somebody is going by there, and they'll take this person this dog ... and it's my damn house that they're living at until this happens."

However, as the saying goes, 'Happy wife, happy life.'

"Sometimes it's a month or two, but I finally figured out that it makes her happy, and if she's happy then I'm happy," Shelton admits. "You just don't get a lot of sleep if you've got whiny dogs, but I like doing what she likes."

Hmm ... that sounds familiar. Almost like it could be a song on his upcoming album, 'Based on a True Story' -- perhaps the track 'Doin' What She Likes?' Shelton's new album is out March 26.

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