Blake Shelton's latest "Take 6 Tuesday" countdown had the singer feeling a little "giddy." Last week, he revealed his favorite Twitter accounts to follow, and this time, he chose the top six people he's met in country music.

The exercise also proved Blake may be a bit mathematically-challenged, and it could potentially land the singer in a little hot water with girlfriend Miranda Lambert.

Blake rattles off the names of country legends Earl Thomas Conley, John Conlee, John Anderson, George Jones and the Bellamy Brothers (which, by our count would actually be six, if you consider brothers David and Howard Bellamy individually). But Blake then adds George Strait to the list.

OK, so we'll give him that one. But Blake had one more name to throw in, and he did so with his trademark sheepish grin, nearly mumbling under his breath and saying the name so quickly we had to watch the video a few times to make sure we heard right!

"... and Kellie Pickler," he adds before the clip abruptly ends.

Check out the rapid-fire video at Blake's official website.