Blake Shelton is releasing a brand-new single, "Gonna." The song is the fourth single from his 2014 No. 1 Bringing Back the Sunshine record.

Written by Luke Laird and Craig Wiseman, the uptempo sexy song features with lines like, "Love you all night long / 'Til the cricket starts trippin' / Girl, I ain't just flirting, I'm certain / I'm working on a long-term plan / Gonna be your man / Gonna put a little rock steady on your hand."

Now that Shelton is newly single, perhaps he will start appearing in his own romantic videos again. He refused to play the lead in such clips while married to Miranda Lambert.

“Since I’ve been married, I won’t go there in a video,” Shelton said in 2013. “If I was to go there, it would be Miranda in a video. I’m not an actor and don’t pretend to be. Everybody knows I’m married to Miranda Lambert, and they don’t want to see me leaving a bar with a girl. Why would I take this ring off for a video? I’d be insulted by that if I was Miranda, and I don’t want to do anything to insult her or hurt her feelings.”

The 39-year-old singer might be feeling a little bit of pressure with "Gonna." His last 15 singles, including his most recent, "Sangria," have all landed in the top spot on the charts. With "Sangria," Shelton broke his own record for the most consecutive chart-topping hits.

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