His latest album topped the all-genre charts, and he's exploded from country stardom to a national household name thanks to his role on 'The Voice,' so why the heck is Blake Shelton towing cars? It's all for a pretty girl, of course!

Bee-hived pop chanteuse Cady Groves has a vendetta against a cheating lover in 'This Little Girl,' but the 21-year-old's vengeful plans are cut short by none other than Shelton. Sporting a 'Mr. Right Now' baseball cap, along with his signature sarcastic wit, the country superstar plays a tow-truck driver who is "fishin'" for hotrods in Cady's newest video.

We're not sure how Groves and Shelton know each other, but we do know the pop darling is a fan of Shelton's bride.

"I would say if Miranda Lambert, Paramore, Dixie Chicks and Taylor Swift all had a less talented baby, that would be me," she jokes with Spinner when asked to describe her sound.

We also know Shelton is from Oklahoma and that Groves went to Southwestern Oklahoma State University, but we're still not quite sure how they know each other!

Check out the video for 'This Little Girl' above.