Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert are pondering a second career as bar owners! The couple has been looking into buying a building in Tishomingo, Okla. that they say would make for a perfect watering hole.

"It's like a normal, Main Street-lookin', small-town building on top that she wants to put a junk store in," Shelton tells Nashville's WSIX radio station. "It has a downstairs like a basement. But it connects to the main street that has a bar in it."

Shelton isn't overly ambitious about the possible business venture. He just thinks it would be fun.

"It certainly won't be like Toby Keith's Bar & Grille. I think they actually generate money, and they're successful," jokes Shelton. "This one would be more just where we go whenever we're in town and wanna go have a beer and we don't have to get in trouble."