Blake Shelton garnered a No.1 hit and a CMT Award with the title track off his debut 'Six Pak,' 'Hillbilly Bone,' which partnered him with Trace Adkins. And even though that project is only three months old, the Oklahoma native says fans will have another collection by the end of summer.

The innovative concept -- releasing six songs on one CD at a time, instead of waiting for a full album of tunes -- clearly works for the recently engaged singer. The first 'Six Pak' debuted at No. 3 on the multi-genre Billboard 200 chart and No. 2 on the Country Albums chart. But for Blake, the concept was more about practicality than potential chart success.

"Nashville has been looking for ways to try to get people back into the stores and buy albums again," he told The Boot. "You hear a song on the radio these days, and you just pull out your phone and buy it off the internet right then, and you forget about it. We're looking for ways to remind people that we still make albums, and there's still cool music that you may or may not hear on the radio. So we decided to do a six-song album, and it's really cheap! It's like five dollars and change."

The next 'Six Pak,' scheduled for an August 10 release date, shows all the signs of being a huge success as well. His first single from that project, 'All About Tonight,' has become the fastest-rising single of his career, currently sitting at No. 17 on the charts. Blake will spend the summer on tour. Click here for his complete schedule.

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