If you're new to Music City, Steve Gorman of the Black Crowes has some tips on where to hang out. In OurStage's Artists Ask feature, the drummer offers some pointers to a songwriter who's relocating to Nashville.

"Everyone here came from somewhere else, so everyone knows how you feel," Gorman says. "And, because of that, most people are pretty cool about helping others out."

"The Family Wash and the Basement are two spots with live music that you can meet the most folks in a hurry around here ... rock, folk, country, bluegrass, soul -- these two joints have it all," Gorman says, adding, "The Bluebird Cafe has live music seven nights a week and a new songwriters' night every Sunday. For country songwriters, this is where you want to get in and get noticed."

According to Gorman, when they're not performing or catching a show, "Daylight hours find most musicians, songwriters, producers, and general industry riff raff hanging out at one of several coffee shops." He names Fido, Bongo Java, Sip and Portland Brew as "prime meeting spots for everyone I know."

And what can you do to leave a lasting impression on all the new friends you're meeting? Gorman advises: "Give firm handshakes and look people in the eye. Some things never go out of style."