Birdtalker are taking their power back in "Taking Control." The indie-folk band are premiering the brand-new song exclusively with The Boot; press play below to listen.

In the verses, the song's protagonist describes a previous way of life in which they very much let others — specifically, a lover — lead the way, essentially becoming a person who mirrors others' actions and opinions instead of expressing themselves. The chorus, though, explains that that won't be the case any longer: "I hope you don't mind, I'm taking control of the skin I'm swimming in / I've been taking my time / Now I'm taking control ..."

"It’s a silly lil' tune about codependence: moving from a place of caring more about how I am perceived to a place where I can rediscover what motivates me and what my instincts are," bandmember Dani Green tells The Boot. "I love how the chorus peeks out of the co-dependent headspace ... but finishes [strong]. The bridge and its play with timing, again, feels like it reveals a bit of the hesitation behind the lyrics."

Dani and Zack Green, a couple and fellow musicians, anchor Birdtalker, which they began in 2012. The band officially debuted in 2015, and its current lineup also features bassist Jesse Baker, guitarist Brian Seligman and drummer Chris Wilson.

"Taking Control" is one of 12 songs on Birdtalker's forthcoming sophomore album. The self-titled project, due out on Oct. 8 via AntiFragile Music, follows the band's 2018 debut, One, but "feels much more spacious, explorative and curious," Zack Green says.

"This new era is about being present for life's journeys," he explains, "accepting that there isn't a way to know exactly what to do, but the key is discovering what your navigation system is, knowing your meaning maker and where you come from as an individual."

Adds Dani Green, "This album is about figuring out how to find your way in spite of being unsure, and also the feeling of loss that comes with letting go of the old ways — when you plug your life's navigation back into your own gut — how scary and great that feels at the same time."

Fans can learn more about Birdtalker and the Birdtalker album at

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