Jason Miller for AOL

Billy Ray Cyrus' new album will be titled Change My Mind, the country star announced via Twitter, along with the project's release date: Oct. 23. Billy Ray also tells his Twitter followers that the first single will be the title track and that he is currently shooting a video to accompany it.

"This music of this next album -- if anybody wonders what was my life like between October of last year (2010) and April of this year (2011) -- it's going to be very well documented because this album is it. It's my life," Billy Ray told The Boot back in spring of 2011, when he was writing songs for the upcoming album.

"I don't even want to write another album, I don't want to record another album after this one," the singer continued. "I didn't even want to write this one. I was going to retire after I'm American, but I wrote this next batch of music so now I need to record it and bring it full circle."

The album promises to be emotional, as the singer-songwriter hints that it will chronicle some tough times his family went through in past years, including his temporary separation from and subsequent reconciliation with wife Tish.

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