Billy Dean loves touring with Kenny Rogers during Christmas, but he is first to admit that after singing holiday songs all these years, he still forgets a lyric every once in a while.

"I never get all the words right all the way through until the last show," Billy tells The Boot with a laugh. "Sometimes I get the verses mixed up."

Kenny's Christmas show is a huge production -- fun for the fans, but a bit complicated for the entertainers! "There's a lot to think about while you're on stage," says Billy. "It's all choreographed, and you have to go to certain places at different times. It's easy to let yourself get involved and start singing along with everyone else, and then suddenly I'm in the wrong place at the wrong time. I'll run into some little kid, and he starts crying and doesn't understand that I'm the one in the wrong place and I'm trying to get to where I'm supposed to be!"

Kenny brings in local children's choirs to participate in each concert, some of which have been working with the iconic singer for years. "As Kenny says, it ain't Christmas until the choir sings," Billy reports. "It's certainly not Christmas until the kids are there. We get really great kids from some of the schools, and their mothers and grandmothers come out to see them in the show. They work really hard. Kenny is very personal with them and takes time with them backstage. They love it."

Billy says it's great fun working with Kenny on the Christmas show, which also includes a segment where they sing their hit songs. "Kenny has to do 'The Gambler' and I have to do 'Billy the Kid.' The audience wants to hear those if they come to see us. It's one of the best Christmas shows on the road. Kenny is brilliant at putting it together."

Kenny's Christmas tour ends Dec. 23 in Westbury, N.Y. Once the last note is sung, Billy has definite plans as to where he and his family will spend Christmas, and it doesn't include snow.

"I'll be somewhere in the Bahamas," the singer says with a grin.