Country crooner Billy Currington is parking his tour bus for the rest of the year in order to concentrate on therapy. The 33-year old tells PEOPLE magazine, as first revealed by Nashville's Tennessean newspaper, that he endured more than a decade of abuse from his stepfather. He says the childhood trauma has ultimately resulted in his own issues with anger that linger today.

"When you are taught to hate, you carry that with you," he tells People in the issue that hits newsstands this Friday. "Even today, I call myself 98% laid back, but 2% is Little Billy -- my inner child that's hurt, sad and furious because he was never taken care of."

Currington recently completed a 30-day treatment program in Arizona. Now, he's packing his bags for Hawaii, where he will meet with two therapists who specialize in childhood trauma. He has canceled 83 shows in favor of therapy but hopes the break will ultimately help his career.

"My challenge in life is my anger," he says. "I'd be little Billy for two seconds, yelling and blowing up. And in those instances, that rage can destroy relationships, whether it's with a girlfriend or a business partner or a fan."

Currington has immortalized his pain in the 2003 hit 'Walk A Little Straighter,' a song he wrote about his ordeals with his stepfather. He recently released the single 'Tangled Up' from a new album due later this year.

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