Billy Currington, who once famously graced the cover of Playgirl magazine, is the cover subject of another magazine, declaring him one of Nashville's 25 Most Beautiful People. Nashville Lifestyles, which compiles the list each year, says the singer is "more than just a study in country music star good looks ... but he's also got a whole lot of depth and inner richness that can't be denied."

"My definition of a beautiful person," Billy tells the magazine, "is someone having a soul sweeter and prettier than the biggest sunset on the most perfect island. Stripped down greener than the fields of Kentucky blue and more free than the wind."

Other country music stars who made the grade this year are Rodney Atkins, Troy Gentry of the duo Montgomery Gentry, and new Show Dog-Universal artist J.T. Hodges.

When asked to name his favorite beautiful sight in Music City, not surprisingly, Rodney Atkins singles out his wife, saying, "She is stunning from every angle. She radiates, not only light, but a guiding, up-lifting light that attracts you and ignites the best in you when you're around [her]." Earning his honor in the runner-up position, however, is one of Nashville's legendary country-music venues. "The view from the Opry stage is amazing," declares the singer.

Among the magazine's past honorees for the Most Beautiful People in Nashville are Jewel, Chuck Wicks and Holly Williams.

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