Billy Currington hasn't owned a television in years. He has no idea who the 'Golden Girls' are, and has never heard of MTV's (and now CMT's) 'Cribs.' So when he's asked questions about them during Entertainment Weekly's Pop Culture Personality Test, he doesn't have much to say. But he's also familiar with the awkwardness of dealing with someone who's, well, a little confused. Currington recalls a recent encounter with a woman who probably should have known that he's not Dierks Bentley.

"Someone from the Grand Ole Opry came up to me the the other day," he recalls. "We were in an airport, and I've sung on the Opry with this lady 500 times, so we know each other. We were getting on the same plane, and she was like, 'Oh my God, Dierks! What's goin' on?' She gives me this big hug, and I'm thinking, 'Should I tell her?' I never told her. [laughs] So 30 minutes later, she's sitting by her husband who's also on the Grand Ole Opry, and I walk past him, and he's like, 'Billy, what's up, man?' And she's like, 'That's not Billy. That's Dierks.' And I'm like, 'No ... I'm Billy.'"

In the spirit of his latest album, 'Little Bit of Everything,' Dierks Billy dishes on a little bit of everything from sliding across the hood of a car in his 'Don't' video ("I just did it one time. I jumped a little too high, and when I landed and hit the hood, it didn't feel good, you know what I mean?") to which song he wishes he'd written ('Candle in the Wind,' by Elton John and Bernie Taupin), and with which artist he'd most like to duet (Patti LaBelle - now that he's got Shania Twain out of the way, after their collaboration on 'Party for Two.')

Currington, a Georgia native, also reveals that he'd like to use Ray Charles' 'Georgia on My Mind' for his cell phone ringtone, if only he could figure out how to put the ringtone on his phone.

And in spite of not owning a TV anymore -- he did buy one from a pawn shop where he once worked, but later gave it away -- Currington does have a favorite chick flick (spoiler alert!)

"I like that movie where the two old people, at the end of the movie, die lying in the same bed together -- 'The Notebook' -- I've mentioned that before, and you wouldn't believe how people have gotten on me for saying that. Like it was girlie, or something. I mean, who wouldn't like 'The Notebook'? [Laughs] That's a heartfelt, make you cry, make you feel something kind of a movie. I'm afraid to mention that again, but I just did, right?"

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credit:['Sebastian Mlynarski for AOL Music'],
caption:['Dierks Bentley takes a break during his AOL Music Sessions taping. NYC AOL studios, January 12, 2009.'],