Big Kenny is on a mission to get everyone on their feet. The Big & Rich singer has released another installment of his Electro Shine Remix tracks, with that specific goal in mind.

“I've decided that it's time to get everybody dancing again! It's time to start celebrating life, no matter how much BS we keep enduring in the world," he says. "I want to throw big dance parties and get us all to know one another and make new friends. John [Rich] and I had such a huge hit and success with our dance remix of 'Save a Horse,' I was inspired to try some of the Electro Shine sounds to my favorite new B&R hits, 'Born Again' and 'Party Like Cowboyz."

The 49-year-old describes the genre of music as a blend of electronic dance music, Americana, country, reggae, rock, pop and hip-hop to create his own signature sound. But the singer, who released the first installment earlier this year, says the unique blend of music serves more than one purpose.

"Electro Shine is going to be a great way to introduce country to the Electronic Dance world, which is so huge now. And a great way to introduce the Electronic Dance World to Big & Rich and Electro Shine," he adds. "Now lets crank up the tunes and dance. It's a great way to meet girls."

In addition to the new set of tunes, Big Kenny is also working on an Electro Shine touring show, which will be a Vegas-style act under a big-top tent, with singers, musicians, rappers, dancers, aerialists, lights, lasers, and several other attractions.

Purchase the latest installment of songs here.

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