Known as Big Kenny to country fans, Kenny Alphin -- one-half of the duo Big & Rich -- is heading to the television screen for a brand-new TLC special.

Raised on a farm in Culpeper, Va., Alphin moved to Nashville to pursue his dreams of making it big in the music world. Now, Alphin will show fans the off-the-stage part of his life in a one-hour TLC special, Big Kenny and Family. The show will follow Alphin, his wife Christiev (an A-list stylist) and their four sons, Dakota, Lincoln, Christopher and Cameron.

Big Kenny and Family will depict the family navigating their unique home life while Alphin is on break from touring with duo partner John Rich. Since the two are on the road for more than half of the year, days at home with family are truly special -- and rather unpredictable -- and viewers of the show will be able to see how Alphin lives when he's not in the spotlight. His personality is, of course, still eccentric and over the top, and he's still a country star, but Alphin is also a family man, and his "normal" life is full of family dinners, yard work, date nights, playtime and bedtime stories.

Alphin and Rich recently played at WE Fest 2015 in Detroit Lakes, Minn. In addition to their hits, their setlist included a slew of covers.

Big Kenny and Family is set to premiere on Sept. 2 at 10PM ET on TLC. Alphin is also the producer of the project.

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